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    Alanis New Member

    I have an account that is the one I'm logged I played the game my horse friend and when the game gave an error instead of uninstalling I decided to make a new account and it worked I went to buy the new game stela and poisoned horse with my account that did not work but I had forgotten that this account does not work so I uninstalled my horse friend and I'm downloading now
    when I get into how the game goes I'll be doing the quest demo mode again?

    AdminLykke Community Manager Staff Member Administrator

    Hi - i am glad to hear you got things to work, finally.

    And yes, your game files are stored on your computer, so Im afraid if you start again with a new account, you will have to start over again.
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    Sinistra Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    You will have to play through all the basic quests before the new quest, which activates the new game becomes available at Grandma

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