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    You can now play My Horse Friends [HAPPY]

    My Horse Friends can now be played as a free trial version when you click the large green 'Spil Gratis' (Play for Free) button on the front-page.

    My Horse Friends trial-version contains:

    If you like the game you will be able to achieve the first game "Stella and the nervous mare" already in December 2013.


    Please check the requirements for you pc here:


    Also be aware, that there are certain countries where My Horse Friends are not yet available - but we are working on that :) So keep tuned on Facebook and here on the site, for news regarding this too.

    We hope you will have a lot of fun playing My Horse Friends =)
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    Chila2000 New Member

    ok. Would the Game be online ? Its fantastic !!
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    SwallowTail New Member

    When will we get to do the rest of the quests?

    AdminLykke Community Manager Staff Member Administrator

    We hope that we are able to release the first full game here in December. The 3 other games in the series of My Horse Friends will be released next year.

    With the full games there are a lot of new quests, a new horse to each game and new areas for the last 3 games (The forest, the beach and the Western-ranch).

    I will create a page about how the game is put together and how you download it etc. on the info page this week :)

    Kaila22 New Member

    I have a question I can not buy it because I have windows 10 what I can do now ?

    AdminLykke Community Manager Staff Member Administrator

    I'm sorry to tell you, that My Horse Friends not yet has been updated to Windows 10. We will write on the forum when it is. But at this moment I'm not able to tell you when that might be :/

    sannekuipers4 New Member

    hello, is there anybody who can help me? I do not know how the game works, I play the nervous horse bought. and now I need bait out of my bag and pressing the spots in the water with the rod. but this does not anyone know a solution?

    greetings sanne

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